City of Tucson ECAP 

Thank you for your ongoing support of the City of Tucson Employee Charitable Aid Program (ECAP). The Mission of ECAP is to create a culture of caring in the workplace by offering City employees the opportunity to build our community through charitable organizations that serve Tucson and Southern Arizona. The ECAP Program is fully supported by the City Manager’s Office and encourages you to participate in donating to your charity of choice using the payroll deduction method for your convenience.

Last year, the ECAP Campaign, was able to give back over $150,000 to our community. Please help us create a culture of caring in the workplace through simple payroll deductions or one-time giving to help our charitable organizations in Tucson and Southern Arizona.  The ECAP campaign runs from September 16-October 31, 2019. We hope to increase the participation and increase donations to non-profit agencies. Log on now to support online charitable giving. Click Here for more information.

About United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona transforms individual lives and brings long-lasting, systemic change to our community by focusing on the key, underlying issues.

enables us to form strategic partnerships, mobilize the best resources and be the catalyst for needed, positive change.

Every $1 invested in United Way’s Collective Impact Fund leverages a $5 impact for Tucson and Southern Arizona.

United Way’s Collective Impact Fund supports over 155,000 residents of Tucson and Southern Arizona from Birth to End-of-Life.

Building a thriving community by uniting people, ideas and resources.

A community where every child receives a high-quality education from cradle to career, every adult has the opportunity to thrive financially and in the workplace and every older person can retire and age with dignity and independence.

We fight for quality education, financial stability and healthy communities for every person in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Our role as community convener 

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